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Paytm Payments Bank Launched: Here’s the highlights of it

23 May , 2017  

Paytm payments bank was officially launched on Tuesday (23rd May 2017), with a public notice in the newspapers and a blog post about the same.

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6 Incredible Ways to Measure Customer Experience Strategy

5 May , 2017  

We all know and understand the importance and need of a good customer experience. But is that alone enough to make it to the top? Here is the six ways to enhance your mobile app business

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Modern Mobile App Development Trends of 2017 That You Must Checkout

4 May , 2017  

As you know that the market is supersaturated and competitive. There is a huge demand for wonderful solutions, so to be up to date, you can check out an outlook of six mobile app development trends that you should not miss this year

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WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption

7 Apr , 2016  

WhatsApp is using "The Signal Protocol", designed by Open Whisper Systems, for its encryption.


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BRIT Hacker – Hacks NASA’s Site

16 Dec , 2015  

Gary McKinnon hacked, America's top secret database computers like American Military, American Space Research Center - NASA, Pentagon computers. A BRIT hacker famed for the biggest ever breach of top secret US computers has claimed to have seen evidence of an American space warship force.

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List of Top 7 Social Media Analytics Tools

29 Oct , 2015  

Social media is one of the effective platforms where more and more people are getting connected to explore, share and experience new information, products, and services. Therefore, the vast majority of website owners are utilizing the social media platforms to promote and sell their products and services.

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How to transfer the large database file from one server to another server?

24 Oct , 2015  

MySQLDumper is a PHP and Perl based tool for backing up MySQL databases. You can easily dump your data into a backup file and - if needed - restore it. It is especially suited for shared hosting webspaces, where you don't have shell access. MySQLDumper is an open source project and released under the GNU-license.

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Oracle Announces General Availability of MySQL 5.7

19 Oct , 2015  

Oracle Announces General Availability of MySQL 5.7, The new version of the world’s most popular open source database is up to 3x faster than MySQL 5.6 in benchmark tests.

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How to create a Playlist in JW Player using YouTube Channel videos?

18 Oct , 2015  

The most-used and fastest loading video player on the web, our signature product enables online publishers to deliver and monetize video across all devices in any browser. From the video blogger to the Fortune 100 in need of an enterprise-grade solution, JW Player lets users create the best video experiences for viewers on the web, mobile, and OTT devices.

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Top 7 Stupendous Cross Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks

16 Oct , 2015  

Cross platform mobile app development offers a remarkable technique to write the code just once and reuse it as on other mobile platforms by amending it a bit. This approach offers a valuable way to save both your efforts and time, as you don't need to reinvent the wheel rather deploy the same code by committing some minor changes.

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